Ambassador Research docsOn June 15th, 2017 the Pheo Para Alliance, along with the Pheo Para Troopers hosted an event at the Australian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The Cancer Research & Innovation Reception was held to highlight and support the work of two esteemed researchers: Dr. Richard Tothill, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia and Dr. Rory Clifton-Bligh, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia.

The A5 SDHB Genomics Study led by Dr. Tothill and Dr. Clifton-Bligh, is one in which seventeen scientists from seven nations are coordinating their efforts to identify genetic causes and influences of Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma cancers.  Their discovery of genetic alterations and various biomarkers will enable doctors to identify and treat patients at risk for metastasis even before the disease spread occurs.  In addition, such discoveries will create many entirely new avenues for further treatment research.

Speakers at the event were: The Honorable Joe Hockey, Minister Counsellor Anthony Murfett, Dr. Richard Tothill, Dr. Rory Clifton-Bligh, Emily Collins and Allen Wilson.

Other special guests included Dr. Karel Pacak, Dr. Karen Adams and Dr. Art Tischler.